Products & Services

If you're a business, consider us an extension of your Human Resources Department. We provide professional advice and service without requiring you to have an employee benefit expert on your staff.

If you're an individual, consider us a trusted friend who provides you with the facts you need to make the best insurance decisions for you and your family.

The major difference between Intercoastal Insurance and other firms is that we provide ongoing serviceā€”helping to resolve claims issues, get answers from insurance carriers and keeping you abreast of changes in the industry.


Life can be complex when you’re on your own but it doesn’t have to be an insurance hassle. Most times, we can help.

Because we represent so many insurance plans, we have no allegiance to any particular plan.

We know the facts and we present them to you in a simple, concise way that eliminates costly hours of your time.


We’ll help you make realistic decisions about putting benefits in place, and help you assess competitive offers.

Our research saves you valuable time and confusion. We take the guesswork out of choosing a benefit plan. We do all the work. You make the final decision.

Great employees expect a great benefits package. Let us help you meet that expectation.